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My new desk setup 2013: Seize the Year

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that my goal for 2013 (not resolution, goal) was to be busier.  Which pretty much boils down to being more productive.  So, how do I get more productive? I’ve wanted to get a new desk for about two years now, and on Monday I finally bit the bullet and… Read More

ShopifyUnicornShieldCake End of an Internship

On Tuesday my time as a Shopify intern ended.  Because I look for any excuse to make a cake (and because I made a cake for my first day at Shopify), I decided to bake one for my last day:  Twas just a regular chocolate cake with vanilla icing/fondant.  I was surprised at how quickly… Read More

madeincanadafabriqueencanadagemactindeutschlandtemporarytattoos Another Shopify Design Challenge

This Friday Shopify had another design challenge, which was to create a temporary tattoo design.  There was no theme, and no restrictions, so I came up with these: The inspiration for these came from the fact I always thought it would be cool to get a “Made in Canada” tattoo because, well, I was made… Read More

ShopifyCake First week and a half @ Shopify
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It’s been a week and a half(ish) since I started at Shopify so I thought I’d recollect some of the things that happened since I started working there. I made this cake and brought it in on my first day.  I just thought it would be a nice gesture, and people said it was delicious!… Read More

Android hitchhiking to New Orleans “but I made it back home to New Orleans”

It’s been a really busy school year, but it’s finally over and done with.  I have to say, grades-wise, this is the best year I’ve had in university.  That being said, I’m ready for the summer and to start my new job at Shopify in a few weeks.  I’ll be heading to Europe to visit… Read More

My cover letter web page for Shopify How I got a job at Shopify (TL;DR warning)

I started my summer job search in January when I got back to Ottawa from winter break.  I applied to a lot of different places, but I haven’t heard back from any of them.  I think part of that is, I really didn’t want those jobs in the first place.  Sure they were in my field,… Read More

Depth sensitive vision-based human computer interaction Winter Semester: First week

I can’t really say much about the semester so far to be honest.  My one-credit course (Design Studio I) is proving to be the workhorse course that it is, even if it’s just the first week.  But I’m with a good group of guys, and am certain that our project will produce something awesome.  I’d… Read More

Random photo 1 Photos from today

Boyfriend pushed me to go back out and take some photos today since I haven’t been shooting as much as I used to.  Just spent a few minutes on campus shooting my favourite spot.  Not sure if it actually has a name, but there’s this little pavillion thing by Robertson Hall near the river.  I… Read More

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